Thoughts for Parents Considering Baptism

Dear Parents

Everyone in our parish sends you best wishes and congratulations on the birth of your new child. May your baby grow up to be strong and healthy, treasured in an atmosphere of security that is graced by the presence of Almighty God.

Perhaps you are thinking about having your child Baptised. Why not get in touch with the parish priest? He will arrange a convenient time to have a chat about Baptism and also to give you advice and guidance.

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding Baptism. A mixture of half truths, folk religion and social tradition. Sometimes people think it is just a case of phoning up the priest, making a date and getting the baby ‘done’. The substance of Baptism is more substantial than this. Baptism is one of the greatest gifts that God and His Church have to offer a family. It is a celebration packed with grace and beauty.

However these wonderful blessings are not simply for the child. These gifts are intended for the parents, godparents indeed the whole family connected with the child. The parish wants all of you to leave the church feeling affirmed, respected and thoroughly blessed as a result of a marvellous encounter with Almighty God.

Through the gift of Baptism your child is being offered an opportunity to enter into the Life of God and His Church. As parents you are being offered an invitation to respond. The invitation comes from God Himself. He awaits your response. In the meantime the parish sends you warmest good wishes and promises of prayers especially during our masses.

Father Bergin has prepared a leaflet explaining baptism and answering any questions you may have.There is also an application for baptism. Both of these publications may be downloaded to be read or printed by clicking the button below.


A Family Prayer
Dear Father in heaven, I ask for your touch,
bless all my family We need you so much.
Teach us to love, to forgive and to share,
with the help of your Spirit, to thrive and to dare.
But most of all Lord, when our journey is through,
bind us together forever with you.